Lenny: I will always love you

In 1982, a toy manufacturer called Coleco began to produce Cabbage Patch Kids. Thank you, Coleco. You brought me Lenny, my curly-haired boy doll.
This is the Christmas day that Santa brought me Lenny. Look how stoked I am. After all, Lenny did have a teddy bear embroidered on his overalls.
Here I am shamelessly kickin' it on my grandma's lap with my doll. Lenny even had his own seat in the van for our California road trip. He had as much space as my older siblings in the back.

When I first told her, Mackenzie didn't believe me that I had a doll as a kid. And she laughed hard when I told him I had named him Lenny (which rhymes with my older sister's CPK "Jenny"). I think she had to see these pics to believe how much I loved him. Even boys need a good doll to love. To be honest, I always wanted a "My Buddy," probably because of their awesome jingle.


shanna murray said...

"wherever i go, he goes. my buddy."

abby try again said...

I was a big fan of kid sister, personally.
Although I gotta say, my buddy had one rocking outift.
Have you seen this:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/abbytrysagain/4182901382/ or this:
I guess I loved cabbage patch, too.
Happy Monday, Tyler.

sassykather said...

I wish blogs had a "like" feature, cuz I like your post. Lenny and Jenny were great fun.

Tyler said...

shanna: don't get that song in my head! it brings up all the deepest seeds of my childhood envy.

abby: what was your cpk's name?

mom: it was the best gift a boy could get.

Brette said...

I remember how squished we were during that road trip. Wow! I don't think I realized how much space was devoted to Lenny's little rear. There were really six of us back there! I love these pics. I don't think I've ever seen them before. You were a cute kid-- with or without the doll.

Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

Brette: Do you still have the doll you got that Christmas? BTW, what tape are you holding in your hand in the pic? I was trying to figure it out.

Brette said...

I thought it was a Huey Lewis and the News album, but I googled it and looked through all the images and I can't find that exact cover, so now I'm not so sure. What other band would have had that many people on its cover? I don't have that cute squishy little pig any more. It was a PIG and I loved it. I even took it to BYU with me. Btw, I love the grin with the missing tooth.

Cardon + Kelly Webb said...

For Tyler,

Kiely said...

Oh... Lenny! Is that Jenny sitting next to him in the van?

Tyler said...

You bet it's Jenny.