After the earliest snow fall in State College history yesterday started on my walk to work at 11am, it has been snowing ever since. Over 6 inches of wet snow has fallen, and overnight it got really cold and took down some trees. They were falling during the night and this morning we woke up to a crash. Our house is covered by huge trees all around, so it's a minefield!

a magic tree branch suspended by our power lines

shard of deadly tree branch.

Our lovely deck that just got completed!

one in our driveway

yep there's a car under there. Not ours!

the big tree

While we were taking pictures, a huge tree branch fell next door. It's dangerous outside! I thought we were done with crazy snow once we moved from buffalo. Luckily we still have power.


Lorrie said...

I, on the other hand, am taking advantage of Boise's 70 degree weather for the next two days--I'm hanging sheets and towels out on the clothes line and getting some major outside clean-up work done! Three days ago, though, I was making soup because it was such a cold rainy day. On Monday, we're back to rain and the 50's, which probably seems tropical compared to your 30 degree weather!

Kiely said...

Oh my gosh! I am starting to forget seasons all together. That is crazy! Be careful! Does your renters insurance cover the damage or the owners home insurance? Does the power company pay for the one in their power line?

sassykather said...

Poor deck, and it was so beautiful. I can imagine walking down the street, hearing a crack and having to jump out of the way, you know, kind of like in the fireswamp in Princess Bride. Oh well, we are enjoying a reprieve in Boise, and hope this is a freak and you get the same.

Natalie said...

You should have NEVER left Buffalo! We haven't had a single snowflake fall...yet...