next in line.

Today Tyler and I woke up discouraged. I have been working on painting our bedroom this week, while Tyler has been refinishing furniture. The painting ending up taking a lot longer than expected, and when I took off the painters tape around the trim it turned into another 2 hour fixing step today. Tyler has worked so hard and ran into a couple roadblocks that were discouraging. We both had outcomes that seemed bleak, and we were depressed. Also we were trying to plan somewhere fun for us to go this weekend, because Tyler's school will start on the 24th and we haven't gotten a true summer vacation this summer. But we realized being responsible adults was more important right now. I dream of taking a cheap weekend cruise to somewhere warm with a beach.

But we got positive (and a hot dog), things turned out better, the bedroom is finally finished, and with advice and a good talking to his mom and family, tyler was re-energized to tackle the furniture. Sometimes we just have those moments! But we have been so blessed in so many ways we realized we didn't need to be pitying ourselves.

While we were saying "why us?" this morning, Tyler casually mentions, "I really think we could refinish this dining table."

I think we do it to ourselves.


Kirt said...

Sounds like you are learning why Mom paints the rooms in our house while I'm out of town! Really, it is fun (finally) to see the end result. The process sometimes is frustrating. This is exciting to see all you are learning. Be sure to post pictures of your painting. (We finally learned that a really good brush works better than blue tape.)

taylor and laney said...

Clearly you should have been hanging around me (taylor) more this summer. I had the same problem with the painter's tape and found some solution when I painted our bedroom. Congrats on being responsible adults. Welcome to the club--we didn't get a summer vacation either.

Ashleigh said...

Dont even talk about not having a vacation! Everyday without having children is a vacation.=) One day you will know what I mean. I love that you guys are doing everything yourself. It is so cool. Once it is finished you will look at all your projects and be so proud. I cant wait to see your guys house someday, I know it will be amazing!