Safety goggles

I've spent the last few evenings in the basement working on refinishing projects. To remove the old stain from two of our coffee tables, we've chosen to use KS-3 Stripper so as not to wreck any veneer portions. The first few steps on the KS-3 can tell you to wear chemical-resistant gloves and goggles and to pour the KS-3 into a metal container and shake it well before using. There's also a warning to remove the lid of the container slowly, to allow gases to release. As you can see from the photo, we bought the gloves but I've just worn my glasses to protect my eyes. Earlier, after applying and removing several coats of KS-3, I felt I'd gotten the hang of it. I'd closed the lid on the KS-3 securely, thinking I was done using it for the night. But before I called it a day I decided to use the KS-3 one more time on the underside of one of the tables. The can was on the ground and, with the lid still tightly in place, I bent over and began to shake the contents. I sat the can down to pry it open with a flathead screwdriver. At this point, I was bending over casually, with my face directly above the can. When I pried up the lid, there was a loud "POP!" The lid shot off and the gooey contents erupted out. My glasses were splattered all over with KS-3. I threw them off and ran upstairs to wash the stingy goo off my arms, legs, and face, thinking that somehow I must have been maimed. But due to my trusty Ray-Bans, I can still see. For a second, I thought I was becoming "handy around the house." I guess I'm a fraud. At least I didn't saw off my fingers or anything.


Kiely said...

Oh gracious! Be careful! I sent you an email about non-toxic alternatives. Maybe you should look into them! :)

sassykather said...

Remember the table at the temple last year when I sat solvent on the top, something I NEVER do, but nevertheless did in a momentary lapse. I lost a lot of sleep. I'm almost obsessed about where I set stuff now (as obsessed as I'm able to be). I'm glad life and limb are OK. Can't wait to see your stuff.