one thing you can always count on...

being able to go to a baseball game.
We went to see the spikes play a minor league team. They aren't that good. If you don't know baseball there are 5 levels of minor leagues. AAA, AA, A, short season, and rookie. We came from a AAA team in buffalo, the spikes are a short season team meaning that they are mostly new drafts from college teams so the season goes from june to September. The boise hawks are also at this level. So the game was pretty boring, both teams were terrible hitters, and finally in the last inning we scored a home run. But we smuggled in some peanuts and the weather was great. We went to five guys before, which was awesome. They have a good hot dog. not at a ted's level, but good. I would suggest mustard and BBQ sauce, you won't be disapointed!

Tyler is planning our next major league trip. Since we are around 4 possibilities, Pittsburgh, Philly, DC, and New York, he will figure out where he can watch his cubbies.

there was a big group of roosters in the street and of course I chased them down. I inherited my mother's love of fat chickens.

We are quickly becoming used to living in a farm town. We get our milk in glass bottles from the dairy down the street, where the cows live and graze on grass and are not injected with growth hormones. We go to the farmers market where the farmers bring their freshly picked produce from that morning, and tyler is enticed by the amish selling their pastries. It was my first up close amish encounter, I have seen mennonites and polygymists, but these guys are the real deal! They all have beards tyler dreams of. We would catch the smells of the next door pigfarm at the baseball game when the wind would shift. It is so peaceful here and so beautiful. I can't wait to see what it is like in the fall.


Lorrie said...

I LOVE THAT ROOSTER PICTURE. Dad found out that chickens will eat all your garden seed that you plant, so my dream is crushed. I love gardens more than chickens.

Mary said...

And Baltimore! Scott is an Orioles guy. I was thinking about getting tickets for an early bday present. Gotta love Camden Yards, it is pretty classy. ;)