new job!

stuckeman building

Coming here, there wasn't too many job prospects for me. There isn't a large art community, and not a lot of design going on, other than at the university. I found one job online that I qualified for, and that was a job in the architecture and landscape architecture library. I applied and was shocked when I got an interview and then I got the job! Its branch of the library is housed in the building where the architecture department is. It's a new building, that is Penn State's first gold LEED rated building. It's really amazing, and I love the recycled copper on the outside. It seems perfect for me because I really loved working at the BYU library, and this job is only part time. I mostly work nights, which is okay because I really love having my days to do things. And tyler will be able to study while I work. I was really hoping to get a job at the university, and now I have my own ID card and a parking permit.


Brette said...

Congrats! Is the building as amazing on the inside?

Lorrie said...

So you must have passed your security check! The building is awesome! Enjoy!

betsy said...

I'm so excited for you!! I hope you love the new job.